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Apple Announces New Magnetic Apple Pencil

Alongside the new iPad Pro, Apple also announced a new Apple Pencil, available for $129. The second-generation pencil magnetically attaches to the new iPad Pro for both pairing and wireless charging. The most exciting thing is that you won’t lose it in your backpack anymore as it uses magnets just like your smart cover.

The biggest addition to the Pencil, aside from the new magnetic charging feature, is a double-tap gesture — a finger tap on the pencil itself while you hold it — that can do different things depending on the app.

You can attach it to the tablet and it won’t get in the way if you’re using it in the landscape. Even better, you no longer need to remove a cap to plug it to the Lightning port. The Apple Pencil charges when it’s attached to the iPad. It works pretty much like a regular wireless charger.

The new Pencil is compatible only with the iPad Pro, as it requires magnetic edges.

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