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How To Check If Your Facebook Data Has Been Stolen

Recently, Facebook admitted that the email addresses, phone numbers and other account details of 30 million users had been stolen in a cyber-attack, about 20 million fewer than it estimated earlier.

Facebook has a series of messages to let you know if your account was affected or not. To know if your account has been breached, you can go to the help centre page of Facebook, which will have messages related to the recent cyber attack. If your account has been affected by the hack, you will find messages explaining the information accessed by the hackers. If your account hasn’t been affected, you will find a message stating your account details haven’t been hacked.

14 million users had their detailed information stolen. The data was as specific as the last 15 people or things they had searched for on Facebook and the last 10 physical locations they had “checked into.” Other personal details were also exposed, like gender, religious affiliation, telephone number, email addresses and the types of computing devices used to reach Facebook.

Users’ names and contact information like telephone numbers were stolen from an additional 15 million profiles, Facebook said. The security tokens of about one million other people were stolen, but hackers did not get their profile information, the company said.

The hackers did not gain access to account passwords or credit card information, Facebook said.

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