Winter Love

December days are on, probably one of those days, I’ve always rejoiced. Might be, because I’ve a soft corner for winter. I find it beautiful; not in the sense that everything is flowery and colourful but everything I look at, is beautiful. This “off” version of nature has always captured everybody’s heart. And, of course, the superficial dead look of nature captivates mine too, everytime it arrives!

It’s always been a convenient excuse for me to curl up on the couch and watch my favourite TV show or to grab an old, yellowish paged novel with bibliophilic smell that sadly hasn’t had a page turned in recent years. It’s a season, to nestle by the fire with a hot cup of coffee and some blissful friendly conversation. A time for home, perhaps!

I’ve always adored the cold morning breeze that blows against my face, entangling my hair. And, the sky above, where the Orion and the crescent moon looks the most distinct. Those wonderful faint and smoke like cold fog, through which I wander, seems like a cloud I can’t hold on to. I guess, nature does some of her finest work up close. Take a look at the tiny water drops on the apex of the wild grasses. A miniature masterpiece, right?

Sure, leaf-litters are a staple of fall. Haven’t you wondered, the landscape which once was pure green has now covered with a brown quilt so gracefully? As the woods shed their leaves off, for recovery, I believe somewhere inside, that beneath this dead feeling of suffering, something still awaits and the whole story hasn’t shown yet.

Definitely, those spent marigold blooms- I always make sure to leave some in place, late! They offer a pretty muted colour that looks so nice with lamb’s ear. With another color lacking, the winter day sky looks bluer than ever. 

It seems there’s no lack of beauty in winter. All you gotta do is look around. So, yeah, happy winter feelings.

-Roji Gupta

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